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Kind Words Go Further with Fasten

23 Mar 2017

With Fasten, it’s not just about rides, it’s about the drivers who give them. And when riders give them great feedback, we make sure they get it. Whether a short note or a tale of chivalry, we share it with the driver so they know how much they’re appreciated, because we appreciate them. Now we’re sharing it with everyone, with rider stories.

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to cheer up with the kinds words people are saying about, well, people.

We see everything from “cool tunes” to “he honestly saved my life” to everything in between, so check back for updates. Then be sure to leave your own in-app feedback after a ride for a chance to be featured! Of course, if there’s one thing drivers love more than a sweet message, it’s a sweet tip, so leave that too when you can.