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The Fresh Tech in Our Revamped App

30 Jun 2017


The Fasten mission is to get people where they are going in life. We help drivers reach their goals by giving them the best pay in the US. We invest in employees so they can become a better version of themselves. But riders are much less engaged in the ridesharing experience than drivers and our employees. How can we help hundreds of thousands of different people get where they are going in life? What rider-side features should we add to accomplish our mission?

The answer is none. Our job is not to add, but to eliminate obstacles and frictions on a rider’s journey – getting a rider where they are going in life by freeing their mind for other things.



Ridesharing apps are becoming more and more complicated. Users don’t want a bunch of unnecessary steps to get somewhere. When we surveyed our rider base, second to, “Drivers make more with you guys,” people use Fasten because, “It’s simple, other apps are overwhelming.” So the challenge for the team was clear: make Fasten even simpler to use.

And not only to use but also to test, to support, to develop – all this to make Fasten a faster, easier, more streamlined experience. Our journey to be the simplest ridesharing app in the world continues with advanced routing technology.



Without knowing traffic conditions, rideshare apps must rely on the distance drivers must go to pick up a rider and assume they’ll drive at posted speeds. But with traffic, the closest driver doesn’t always get to the rider first. Unique to Fasten, our latest routing tech collects traffic data in real-time and predicts conditions, giving you the most accurate ETA and fastest route without unexpected surprises. But we don’t stop there. Our goal is not just to decrease your ETA.

Our ultimate goal is to decrease the cost of the ride.

By also knowing a rider’s destination before the ride is requested, we can now select the ideal car by keeping patterns like one-ways in mind – so there’s less going-around-blocks-to-turn-right sort of maneuvers. The few extra seconds it takes to enter your destination before requesting a ride can end up saving you quite a few of minutes, and dollars.


Less clutter on the screen allows for more map space. Bigger buttons make the user experience more fluid and simple. And with our continued priority of transparency, the new design ensures you know your fare estimate before you request.



Unless you forget something in the car, you don’t need to use the app after the trip. So if you rate or tip your driver, it’s usually right before your next ride. With 98.5% of rides rated 👍, there’s little reason for people to tap it every time.

We made rating your last ride a lightning fast, single tap experience, so getting your next is a snap.



We’re constantly improving our product and service so nothing is easier than using Fasten. All at the same or lower rates for you, while giving drivers a whole lot more of every fare. People First. Rides in Seconds.