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Our New HQ in Boston

29 Nov 2017

We all know that many companies — Google, Dell, and Apple included — started from humble beginnings in someone’s garage. At Fasten, we actually got our start at a house in Boston’s Brighton neighborhood where our co-founders bunked together, along with their families. Fast forward 2 years and 4.5 million rides later, and we’ve officially moved from a shared office space to our own headquarters at Two Financial Center, a tower in Boston’s Leather District, to accommodate our fast-growing team and plans for the future.


With sleek ergonomic chairs and sit-to-stand desks, the open office environment lets us communicate and collaborate freely.

Images on the walls — which include splashes of Fasten green — share our core values along with our mission: to get people where they are going in life.

Plus — with perks like George Howell coffee and snack deliveries from AmazonFresh, we know the team is going to thrive here.

We’re incredibly proud of this milestone and of how far we’ve come in two years. Cheers!