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People First

31 Jan 2017

We started Fasten to build a ridesharing company that puts people first. Our job is to connect riders and drivers. Our mission is to create connections between people.

We should never let our national origin, religion, or political views divide us, nor prevent us from seeing the real human being in each other.

Starting today, we will double-down our efforts to put the emphasis on the human aspect of ridesharing. For the next week, we will match all tips riders give their drivers and donate 100% of the proceeds to a nonprofit organization that stands up for the rights of all people.

This way we can make a difference together. Reward the hard-working people in your community, while supporting the organizations that fight for our freedoms everywhere.

It is not the first step Fasten has taken towards true “people first” transportation and it won’t be the last.

Kirill Evdakov,

Donation to the American Civil Liberties Union will match tips from 1/31/16 12 pm — 2/08/16 11:59 pm.