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Gobble Gobble, Gobble

20 Nov 2017

Yes, there’s turkey on Thanksgiving. But this year we’d like to celebrate what truly brings people together. Besides the whole family and friends thing of course.



Tip big. Receive big.

What’s the most important ingredient in stuffing? Love. Share the love with drivers and every dollar you tip, 11/20–11/26, you’ll get in free ride credit.



Please pass the $30.

Pass your personal, in-app promo code along to give friends and family $10 off their first 3 rides, 11/20–11/26, and you’ll get $5 off when they take their second. Pure deliciousness.



Ride free to food banks.

There’s nothing sweeter than giving on Thanksgiving, and we want to help. Ride to your local food bank to drop off goods, 11/20–11/22, and get $20 off each way.

We’re thankful for the opportunity to help get you where you’re going – around town and in life.

From the Fasten family to yours,

Happy Thanksgiving





Tip big. Receive big.

-All tips for rides started 11/20/17 — 11/26/17 qualify

-Tips will be totaled and available as ride credit upon notification, 11/28/17



Please pass the $30.

-Code must be activated 11/20/17 — 11/26/17 to qualify

-New rider ride credits expire 30 days after activation



Ride free to food banks.

-Up to $20 off trips started or ended at: The Greater Boston Food Bank; Central Food Bank of Texas

-Trips started 11/20/17 — 11/22/17 qualify