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The Sh*t Riders Lose

28 Feb 2018

If you left something on a ride, we do our best to help get it back to ya. You can easily use the app to let us know, or just email with a description of it and the time of your ride.

Cell phones, car keys, and wallets are unsurprisingly at the top of the list. Ray-Bans and hoodies are up there too, meaning we’ve got some pretty chill riders.

Here’s a list of what is lost most often as well as some of the more, well, eclectic things that are now lost treasures (eventually donated to charity).


1. A dental grill

“Had a whole top diamonds and the bottom row’s gold.”


2. Mascara and a screwdriver

Individually these items might make sense. But together?


3. Shoes

Ever seen one shoe on the side of the road? Chances are the other was left in a Fasten.


4. ‘The Totally Awesome Hulk’ comic books

Just like the Hulk, not all heroes wear capes. The driver is the hero in this story. Recognizing the importance of the pulp fiction, he immediately contacted us to get it back to the reader/rider.


5. A bag filled with an unopened bottle of Evan Williams, ginger ale, and a swimsuit

Hey man, where was our invite to the pool party?   


6. Faux suede leggings and a macramé belt

This rider is really vying for a return of 70’s fashion.


7. Umbrellas

We’ve got enough to keep Mary Poppins flyin’ for a long time.


8. Two bottles of unopened wine: one labeled “Democrat,” one labeled “Republican.”

We’re glad to see drinking remains a bipartisan pastime.


9. Selfie sticks

No comment.


10. A witch hat, furry tail, flapper headband, and miniature, fake nunchucks

The morning after Halloween always brings some gems…