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The Student’s Guide to Cheap Rides

15 Sep 2017

Fasten already gives you the lowest rates for a ride. But to welcome students back, here’s a crash course on how we’re making it even easier to save some precious cash.

Karma Special

Take 5 rides, get $5 off your 6th. Take another 5. Get $5 off again. Now through 10/15! (After that, regular Karma returns at 10 rides for $5 off.)

Happy Hours

Ride from 7am to 11pm any day and pay just $7 max for the first 11 minutes. Now through 10/1!

Extra Credit

Share your code to give friends or anyone $5 off their first ride and get $5 off 4 rides with their second!


Here’s the kicker. Your Karma Reward or Referral Credit combines with any $7, 7–11 ride, so you can hop around campus and town for just 2 bucks.

Open the app and share your code and find out how much you can save.


Terms and Conditions


-Take 5 rides. Get $5 off your 6th.

-Repeat through 10/15/17.

-After 10/15/17, take 10 rides, get $5 off your 11th.

Happy Hours

-Ride must start between 7:00 am and 11:00 pm

-Only 4-seat rides qualify

-Meter stops at $7 during the first 11 minutes

-After the first 11 minutes, actual rates apply

-Additional tolls and fees are not covered

-Promotion runs 8/22/2017 — 10/01/2017. Enjoy!

Extra Credit

-Qualifying new riders get $5 off their first ride; qualifying existing riders get $5 off 4 rides.

-New rider must enter promo code and take their 2nd ride by September 30th, 11:59pm to qualify.

-$5 off 4 rides will activate for existing rider when new rider takes their 2nd ride.

-All credits expire 30 days after activation.