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Top Spots for Singles on Valentine’s Day

12 Feb 2018

If you’re not paired off this Valentine’s Day, there’s no need to sit at home and sulk. There’s actually a lot to celebrate. Like all the candy going on clearance (which you don’t have to share, btw), plus the fact that you don’t need to stress about planning the perfect romantic evening out. You can do whatever you want to do. For lots of singles in Boston and Austin that means having a fun night out on the town. So, we’ve rounded up the most popular bars visited by Fasteners last year on February 14th as a helpful guide to the hot spots you might want to hit up this year. Happy Valentine’s Day!




Top Spots for Singles – Austin

The White Horse
500 Comal Street

1816 E 6th Street

The Continental Club
315 S Congress Ave.

The Side Bar
602 E 7th Street

Guero’s Taco Bar
1412 S Congress Ave.


Top Spots for Singles – Boston

40 W 3rd Street, South Boston

Legal Harborside
270 Northern Avenue, Boston

Society on High
99 High Street, Boston

Alibi Bar & Lounge at The Liberty Hotel
215 Charles St., Beacon Hill

271 Dartmouth St., Boston