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Top Tips for Riding Fasten on NYE

29 Dec 2017

Grab some confetti and your party hat because it’s almost time to ring in 2018. We’ve put together these quick tips for safety and savings to help you get ready for the night out.

Time to Save
Rather spend your cash on nice bubbly at the bar instead of your ride there? The highest demand and rates will be from 12am-2am. So, plan your travel outside that window if you’re looking for savings.

Refer Your Friends
Riding with friends who have never used Fasten before? Send them your personal promo code and they’ll get $5 off their first 3 rides. Hail one right away, and hop on in.

Safety Check
Make sure the ride is yours by checking the make, model and license plate. Buckle up and remember that open containers of alcohol are a no-no, so polish off your drinks before you get in.

Holler if You Need Us
We offer 24/7 support. So, if you run into any unexpected issues during your ride – or accidentally forget your phone – we’re always here at

Reasons to Fasten
Chances are you’ll get a lower fare with Fasten because we limit how high Fasten Boost can go during periods of high demand. Plus – because we only take $0.99 instead of 25% or more from drivers, they’ll get more of the fare with Fasten for getting you around town safely.

From all of us at Fasten, have a safe and happy New Year’s!