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Hey Boston – you’re the first to ride with us

20 Sep 2015

We get you from point A to point B. No surges, no surprises.

Life may be about the journey. Fasten is about the destination. Getting there. Safely. You pay less money. Your driver makes more money. Everybody is a little happier. Especially since Fasten has finally gone live in App Store and Google Play.

Other ridesharing services take a 20% cut out of every fare. Fasten takes $0.99 per ride. We’re not interested in making rides unnecessarily expensive. We provide an affordable, convenient ridesharing service designed to fit in your daily routine.

Always know what you’re paying.

In most cities, cabs aren’t even a cool color anymore. And Taxicab Confessions hasn’t been on HBO in years. We’ve taken the best of what remains from the taxi. Watch your fare in real time from the meter within the Fasten app.

Get $100 towards your first 10 rides.


Click to redeem or sign up within the app using the promo code HELLO. But hurry—this offer is limited to the first 100 new riders.
Tell us what you think about Fasten. We want to know. And since we’re asking for your honesty, it is probably the perfect time to tell you that wait times for rides may be longer than you’ve grown accustomed to. So just factor this in when using Fasten during our public beta. While you wait, you can order another drink. Get some more work done. Meditate. Or skim the pages of to find an ‘Easter Egg.’
Welcome to Fasten. We can take you places.